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It’s an indeed a journey for the owner and chef behind LemongrassIndo. Mba/Teh Echi as fondly called by the Indonesian diasporas in South Africa, which meant (older) sister in Indonesian, moved to Cape Town in 2004.

With her passion for preserving Indonesian and South East Asian cultures  through cuisines, she started a blog bridging everything Indonesian to South Africans. She decided to  blog about recipes as well as she was continously asked for Indonesian and South East Asian recipes.

Subsequently she started up Lemongrass Authentic South East Asian Cooking Class, which found favour with the local communities.

Following request by her class attendees, she started selling ingredients that were used for the classes, initially only during the classes. This was appreciated by attendees as it’s challenging to get the South East Asian ingredients in one shop in South Africa. She also ensured the ingredients were certified halaal as some Asian products  from some countries may not be halaal.

There, where it all began… the first authentic Indonesian and South East Asian halaal online grocery, competitively-priced and delivered to you.

Check out our website as featured by Indonesian Consulate in Cape Town…


Watch some of the videos on how to use some of the ingredients demonstrated by Chef Echi on many of our products details and on Blog and Recipe section.



Please send us an email if you’d like to suggest any South East Asian ingredients and fresh herbs, we may be able to source it. Big bulk orders are welcomed.

Follow her blog journey where she shares her culture and her life as an Indonesian diaspora, some recipes and inspiration on her blog Instagram and Facebook page.

Try out these:

    • Our Lemongrass Roasted Chili Cashew Noodle Kit, pre-mixed by Chef Echi with accompanying dried noodle and cashew nut. Add your own proteins and veggies at home. Instruction included.
    • Our home-industry products, ie kue (sweet), pastes, snacks and hot meals made by our Indonesian and Malaysian diasporas. We’ll bring you back to holiday flavours of South East Asia – authentic while made locally. The Best of  both worlds!
    • Our imported popular Indonesian brands, such as Kopiko coffee range, Astor, Indomie noodle and Mie Sedaap noodle.

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