Lemongrass Authentic South East Asian Cooking Class

Lemongrass Authentic South East Asian Cooking Class has become a trusted niche class under the passionate Indonesian born, Echi Ismail.  She shares her knowledge on  her native Indonesian and South East Asian cuisines and tells the stories behind the foods, explaining the exotic ingredients and showing her South East Asian herbs garden at her residence in Newlands, Cape Town.

Indonesia is a melting pot for Asian food. She was born in in Jakarta and lived in Indonesia for 30 years. She traveled extensively in Asia which deepen her knowledge on South East Asian gastronomy. Her passion for cooking contrasts her background as a commercial lawyer.

When you enter the cooking class venue, you’ll be transported to Indonesia, with the traditional music and decors and Indonesian hospitality.

It’s a perfect class for having some “me-time”, in a relaxing yet educative South East Asian experience.  All for the love of cooking authentic Indonesian and South East Asian cuisines in Cape Town, South Africa.

We Offer:

  • All actual classes last for about 3 1/2 hrs, usually on a Saturday at 14.00. All dishes, recipe booklet, welcome drink and Indonesian tea and coffee are included.
  • Bi-monthly cooking classes in Newlands, where limited number attendees learn two main dishes and one dessert. One main dish and the dessert to be dined in at our serene yard and another main to be taken home.
  • We offer private group classes for intimate celebrations or for your next family/friends bounding experience.
  • Since the pandemic we offer online classes via zoom.
  • Inquire for online private group.
  • Simply email us at: info@lemongrassindo.co.za for any cooking class inquiry and booking.

Class Schedule:

At the moment we are offering online class only as the pandemic rate is still high. However, a group class of bubble friends/family of 6 can be arranged.


Watch some of the videos on how to use some of the ingredients demonstrated by Chef Echi. Follow her blog journey where she shares her culture and her life as an Indonesian diaspora, some recipes and inspiration on her blog Instagram and Facebook page.

Try out these:

    • Our Lemongrass Roasted Chili Cashew Noodle Kit, pre-mixed by Chef Echi with accompanying dried noodle and cashew nut. Add your own proteins and veggies at home. Instruction included.
    • Our home-industry products, ie kue (sweet), pastes, snacks and hot meals made by our Indonesian and Malaysian diasporas. We’ll bring you back to holiday flavours of South East Asia – authentic while made locally. The Best of  both worlds!
    • Our imported popular Indonesian brands, such as Kopiko coffee range, Astor, Indomie noodle and Mie Sedaap noodle.
    • Our vegan and vegetarian home-industry products, including Tempe, Rempeyek and Rangginang.
    • Our fresh South East Asian herbs and banana leaves.
    • On Fridays we sell fresh, hot foods on order, including Pandan Chiffon Loaf, Mie Mamak

Terima kasih…


what's on the menu?


We specialized in Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and Oriental cuisines.


  • Nasi Goreng/Fried Rice
  • Mie Goreng/Fried Noodle
  • Martabak/ Savoury Pies
  • Klepon/ Coconut dessert
  • Sate Udang Madu/Prawn Satay
  • Mie Aceh/Curried Noodle
  • Asem Manis/Sweet and Sour
  • Ayam Kecap/Chicken Soy
  • Sate Ayam/Chicken Satay
  • Sate Kambing/Lamb Satay
  • Soto Ayam/Chicken Curried Soup
  • Rendang/Beef Curry
  • Nasi Uduk/Coconut Rice

Plant Based & Vegetarian

  • Vietnamese Fresh Rolls
  • Peanut Dipping Sauce
  • No Eggs Steamed Cupcakes
  • Tofu & Veggies Stir Fry
  •  Gulai Daun Singkong/Padangnese Leaf Curry
  • Tahu Goreng Crispy/Crispy Tofu
  • Telur & Terung Balado/Braised Egg & Eggplant Chili


  • Ba Mee Prik Phao/Roasted Chili Cashew Nut Noodle
  • Khao Pad Gai/Thai Fried Rice
  • Prim Nam Pla/Chili Condiment
  • Thai Choc-Banana Spring Rolls
  • Gaeng Keow Win/Green Curry
  • Tom Yum Goong/Prawn Soup
  • Khao Neow Mamuang/Mango Sticky Rice

dim sum

  • Gua Bao/Taiwanese Steamed Burger
  • Steamed Buns sweet filling
  • Buns for Gua Bao
  • Potstickers w/ filling
  • Assorted dipping sauces
  • Brisket Filling fo Gua Bao
  • Siumai/Opened style dumplings
  • Fried Wonron
  • Dumpling Soup

Malaysian & Singaporean

  • Nasi Lemak /Coconut Rice
  • Sambal Nasi Lemak
  • Ayam Kunyit/Turmeric Chicken
  • Laksa
  • Apam Balik /Malay Pancake
  • Ondeh-Ondeh Coconut dessert

Asian Desserts

  • Japanese Cheese Cake
  • Pisang Goreng Madu /Honeyed Glazed Fried Banana
  • Klepon/Onde-Onde
  • Roti Bakar/Grilled Bread
  •  Pisang Goreng Sate/Banana Satay
  • Banana Spring Rolls
  • Brownies Kukus/Steamed Brownie
  •  Bolu Kukus/Steamed Choc Cupcake
  • Martabak Manis/Indonesian Pancake


Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come. (RK)

This class was so much fun. Learned tons. And the food was delicious. Who knew I could whip up such delicious Asian meals.
Your classes are the best ever. Great teacher, good food and I get to meet new and interesting people. Looking forward to doing a class again with you.
Nazle Rhoda
Pastry Chef.
Attended several classes.
What a fabulous class this was! We had so much fun. My children have asked to make this dish tomorrow again. The food was so good. And Echi is so charismastic. I felt like I've known her for a long time. We can't wait for the dim sum class!
Dr Sahrah Warley
General Practitioner.
Attended several classes w/ her kids and online classes.
Shukran again for a great class, you never disappoint. Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon learning and interacting with you and the other ladies.
Roshan Patel
Chief Copy Editor at Highbury Media
Attended several classes.
Echi's classes really takes Asian food to another level. Everything's made from scratch, so beautifully demonstrated and taught. Loved the class. Both the food and class was amazing.
I would definitely recommend her classes. The content she provided well ahead of time and if we prepared ahead for the online class, it's a treat to be able to have the meals after.
You are the best teacher, Echi! Can't wait for the next classes!
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