Beef Meatballs / Bakso Sapi


Frozen, 500 grams

Bakso Soup is one of the most popular dishes and snacks in Indonesia. Alternatively, the meatballs can be added to your instant noodle soups, also available for purchase, Indomie Noodle Chicken Soup and Mie Sedap Ramen noodle. Sliced meatballs are great to add on Indomie Goreng or create your own fried rice vermicelli noodle with this authentic Indonesian meatballs. Handmade by LemongrassIndo team using Woolworth halaal meat and prime ingredients.

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Keep it in the freezer until before use. No preservatives added.

Please note all frozen goods are to be collected and delivered in Cape Town and surrounding. Should you wish it to be couriered nationwide, the risk is not ours. As we can’t keep them frozen for nationwide courier.


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