Lapis Legit Loaf / Indonesian Spiced Multi Layered Cake


Lapis Legit is an Indonesian spekkoek cake developed during colonial time in the Dutch East Indies. It’s influenced by Dutch with a twist of Indonesian spices. We bake this special cake in Cape Town, authentically by Filosofie Koekies, it has 20layers. Baking it requires patience and is a very labour-intensive process. The batter is made mostly of butter and egg yolks, a little  flour and  sugar plus Indonesian spices (cardamon, cinnamon, clove and annise).  Each layer is made by pouring a small amount of batter into a baking tin, which is then put into an oven.

Lapis Legit is a celebratory cake as well as a great dessert treat anytime! Due to the effort required to bake the cake and the ingredients, it is a rather expensive delicacy. However, we try to bring the price low, price of which is the same with pricing in Indonesia. Due to the richness of this cake, slice them thinly and served them sliced on a plate with tea or coffee.

A loaf of 600 grams: R150.


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