Risoles – Indonesian Chicken Rissolle Pastry Frozen (10)


10 pieces

Rissoles is a snack food in Indonesia, where they are called risoles (pronounced ‘riss-ol-less’). The skin is made from batter in the same fashion as flat crepes. Our risoles is  filled with bechamel,  chicken, and diced vegetables. The filling is wrapped inside the skin, then the package is rolled upon breadcrumbs. It is served with bird’s eye chili or Chili Sauce, try our Sriracha or galic sauce in the Sauce category.


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Please note all frozen goods are to be collected and delivered in Cape Town and surrounding. Should you wish it to be couriered nationwide, the risk is not ours. As we can’t keep them frozen for nationwide courier.


  • Remove the frozen risoles from freezer 15 mins before frying in hot ample oil.
  • Fry 2-3 mins each side or until golden brown.


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