Wok with Handle


35 cm (larger size)

This is a the wok used in Asia for that smoky flavour in street food. The combination used of a gas stove and this wok, will transform even humble ingredients to a real street food treats!

(For nationwide courier – the standard rate R99 doesn’t apply. Please email us before order for courier quotation).

Seasoning the wok before the first use:

  • Wash¬† and scrub the wok with soapy hotel water, dry.
  • Switch on gas stove on high, place the wok with no oil, let the heat change the wok into darker color.
  • Switch off the gas.
  • Wash the wok with soapy water. Dry.
  • Coat the wok with oil evenly.
  • Put back the wok in the stove with high heat.

Care after every use:

  • Wash the wok after every use like usual.
  • Coat the wok with a thin coat of oil.
  • Store.

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